custom cabinet doors to your specifications

At Cutting Edge, we specialize in creating custom cabinet doors for your unique needs. We don’t make massive quantities of off-the-shelf products. We take the time to understand your requirements and use our experience, expertise and superior materials to construct unique and personalized custom cabinet doors, mouldings and components for your home.

For custom cabinet doors in Western Canada and beyond, give us a call.

what our
are saying

"Every interaction I’ve had with your company is pleasant, prompt and professional.  Any (of the very few issues) that I have are quickly remedied, and if there are delays, I’m always aware of them.

The office staff are all extremely helpful, and even catch my mistakes on ordering and call me to make sure that I’m not making mistakes on purpose. That is just one of the several indicators that you have staff who care about the people they interact with. They also put up with me teasing them every day which requires the patience of a saint.

On the production side, the team in the back always have orders shipped to us clearly labelled and organized. I rarely have issues with sizing, and the miters are excellent. 

As somebody who used to work in the warehouse, I know that it can feel like your work goes unnoticed, or unappreciated but rest assured, I notice the quality that your staff provide.

Nothing negative to say about anybody there."

- Cabinet Maker in Saskatchewan